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Get your Spikey and learn how to protect yourself through our Online Members Area. Learn everything you need to know to defend yourself.

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Learn Self-defense and how to handle and get the most out of Spikey to protect yourself, your family and your goods when you feel threatened.

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Garanta o seu Spikey e aprenda a se defender através de nossa Área de Membros Online. Você saberá tudo o que precisa para se autodefender.

3 reasons to attend our course

Taught by international experts

Spikey is a self-defense course aimed at adults, children and elderly people who want to learn to defend themselves in their daily lives. Taught by Israeli and Brazilian experts, the course approaches self-confidence and security, in addition to the correct handling of the tool in different threatening situations.

Your security and your family’s is priceless

How much is your life worth? What is the price of saving your family when you are prepared to tackle an assault? The Spike course is the most complete in Brazil, for it teaches the art of self-defense, as well as techniques to use in a day-to-day basis in the case of need, for a low investment. You and your family can attend it.

You can have online and face-to-face training

Yes, in addition to the monthly course in Belo Horizonte, we also have an option so people from all over the country can purchase their Spikey and have online classes through our Members Area.






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Who is this course intended for?

For women and men, teenagers, children, elderly people and all those who seek protection and self-defense.

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Certify your employees with one of the best personal defense programs in Brazil.